Earth remembers accretion

Our new paper is out today in Science: Preservation of Earth-forming events in the tungsten isotopic composition of modern flood basalts by Hanika Rizo et al. W anomalies in the mantle demonstrate that the Earth has not erased signatures from the main stage of planet formation. Also see the Perspective by Tais Dahl.

Earth remembers accretion2021-08-14T00:46:54-07:00

Challenging ideas of deep Earth’s behavior and formation

Check out our paper in Nature on Early differentiation and volatile accretion recorded in deep-mantle neon and xenon. The paper presents evidence that the plume and MORB sources had differentiated within the first 100 million years and has not been homogenized since. This results provides new insights into the Earth's early history, volatile accretion, mantle [...]

Challenging ideas of deep Earth’s behavior and formation2021-08-14T01:26:10-07:00
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