Congratulations Dr. Williams!

Dr. Curtis Williams is set to become the new NSF program director for EAR. He will be leaving for DC in September 2020.

Congratulations Dr. Williams!2021-08-09T03:53:50-07:00

Congratulations Dr. Middleton!

Jennifer Middleton defended her PhD on Elemental fluxes to the seafloor: Pleistocene climate and submarine hydrothermal activity. She will go to Lamont Doherty on the prestigious Lamont prize postdoctoral fellowship.

Congratulations Dr. Middleton!2021-08-14T00:44:09-07:00

Congratulations Dr. Tucker!

Jonathan Tucker defended his Ph.D. on "A Portrait of Terrestrial Volatile Evolution from Mantle Noble Gases." He will go to the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism on a prize DCO Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Congratulations Dr. Tucker!2021-08-14T00:43:14-07:00
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